I agree with this license and want to
DOWNLOAD v. 0.1 for Windows.


License = The license here in this document. Also readable at http://www.be-sure-soft.com/idispatchcodegenerator/
I = Mark Ament from Holland, Groningen.
Me = Mark Ament from Holland, Groningen.
This project = The project of the IDispatchCodeGenerator.
(*) = A collection of files that contain the IDispatchCodeGenerator.
The credits = Credits that claim this software is made by me, Mark Ament. Credits exist in some of the file of this project.
IDispatchCodeGenerator = the project containing the files in (*).

The rest..
This license may be changed by me, at any time, without notice to the users.
Everybody, except Microsoft, is allowed to use the IDispatchCodeGenerator made by me, Mark Ament.
Using this project is at your OWN risk. I'm not responsible if anything goes wrong:
Your computer can crash, files can be overwritten, files can be generated.

I, Mark Ament, am not responsible for the C++ source-code generated by the IDispatchCodeGenerator.


I'm the only one that may distribute this package containing the files (*) from the IDispatchCodeGenerator..
Other people may only distribute the IDispatchCodeGenerator if they have my permission.
If you contain the IDispatchCodeGenerator-project in some other project, you must have my permssion.
You are not allowed to ask money for one or more files included in this package.
This means you may not ask money for the files individually in (*).
This means you may not sell any project including one or more of the files in (*).

You are not allowed to change the credits.
You are not allowed to change the license.
You are not allowed to change the files (*) in this project.

The project containing files (*)
  • IDispatchCodeGenerator.exe
  • IDispatchCodeGeneratorAbout.rtf
  • IDispatchCodeGeneratorAddWizHelp.rtf
  • IDispatchCodeGeneratorHeader1.inc
  • IDispatchCodeGeneratorHeader2.inc
  • IDispatchCodeGeneratorIcon.ico
  • Readme_First_IDispatchCodeGenerator.rtf
  • example.dispgen
  • variants.c